Thursday, November 19, 2009

糖霜小蛋糕 Fondant Cup Cake

What a "Hard Work" of doing this fondant cup cake! I am patient enough to try out one by one. Feel like doing art work in school. But the outcome is so horrible. Only did 2 colours as i just wanna to try out. Not like Anncoo, her 1st attemp was so impressed. Anyway, i still post it up coz this is my 1st time in history of doing this. No matter how bad it is, i will keep as a record. The method of doing this fondant cake was taken from Anncoo.


  1. 连你也开始做Fondant了

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  3. ur piece of artwork not bad ler...although simple, but the cakes look sweet and nicely decorated...:)

  4. 我也觉得这很不错, 感觉sweet sweet的。。^_^

  5. Jess, 心血来潮做的。没有太多的工具,有点心有余而力不足的感觉。

    Sherleen, TQ。 But i really surrender. This need lots of patient and "beautiful mind" to perfect the "creation".

    Rachel, 谢谢你的安慰。我做到想哭叻。你的巧手就一定行了。我还是勤劳点到你家磨练磨练的好。

  6. friend, what you want for the 1st time? This is very good work liao.
    I always wanted to try Fondant, but like you said, 没有太多的工具,有点心有余而力不足, anyway, I definitely will try it out later.

  7. Sonia, then i will wait til ur turn. haha... u must have a go on this.


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