Friday, October 30, 2009

cheese, corn & bacon muffin

How about go for something special today? A savoury muffiin sounds good. Recipe taken from Australian Women's WeeklyRecipe Book.


  • (A) 45g polenta, 60g milk
  • (B) 120g bacon, chopped finely, 60g onion, chopped finely
  • (C) 110g self raising flour, 2tbsp parmeson cheese powder, 1tsp fine sugar, 1/2tsp salt
  • (D) 160g corn kernels, drained, 40g cook broad bean, 60g apple puree,
  • (E) 50g melted butter, 60g egg(E)
  • (F) 1 pcs cheddar cheese (cut into 12 small pcs)
  1. Preheat oven 180C.
  2. Mix (A) in a small bowl, cover and stand for 20 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, cook bacon in non-stick pan for 2 minutes. Add onion; cook, stiring for another 2 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.
  4. mix (C) and add (D) into it.
  5. Add in (E); mix muffin batter only until just combined.
  6. Spoon batter into paper cup or greased muffin holes.
  7. Put a small slice of cheddar cheese on top of each muffin batter.
  8. Bake for 20 mins. Serve warm.
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Halloween Meringue Ghost

The Australia Halloween is called the Guy Fawkes Eve. It also known as Danger Night or Mischief Night. It is normally celebrate on the 31 October. This is a special day for children to do tricks for treats. People will give the kids some lollies during the day. They sometimes celebrate with dress up parade and dances held at school too. Many also enjoy the day by throwing parties to celebrate. Overall, everyone will make sure that they do the most that they can to enjoy the day.
For us, we didn't actually celebrate this day but enjoy seeing their face painting and dress up. At the same time, buying more lollies to get ready for the kids that go door to door playing "tricks or treats". This morning i tried out this Halloween Meringue Ghosts recipe. Children enjoy the look and taste of these ghosts.

  • 80g egg whites
  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar
  • 70g caster sugar
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • choc chips for eyes deco


  1. Preheat oven to 80C (Place the rack in the center of the oven).
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  3. Beat egg whites on low-medium speed until foamy.
  4. Add the cream of tartar and continue to beat the whites until they hold soft peaks.
  5. Add the sugar, a little at a time, and continue to beat until the meringue holds very stiff peaks.
  6. Beat in the vanilla extract.
  7. Before placing the meringue ghosts on the cookie sheet, place a little of the meringue on the underside of each corner of the parchment paper. This will prevent the paper from sliding.
  8. Transfer the meringue to the pastry bag and fitted with a 1/2 inch (1.25 cm) plain tip.
  9. pipe 1.5 inch high mounds of meringue.
  10. Carefully press two chocolate chips into each meringue ghost.
  11. Bake the meringues for approximately 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 hours or until they are dry and crisp to the touch and easily separate from the parchment paper.
  12. Turn off the oven, open the door, and leave the meringues in the oven to finish drying several hours, or even overnight.
  13. The Meringue Ghosts will keep several days at room temperature.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Glorious Day

What a wonderful and glorious day again dining with Yvonne, Jeanne and their little prince n princess. Unfortunately Renie, another "kaki makan" can't make it. But today we have another new "kaki", that is Philip, my husband. He is able to join us for lunch because the restaurant is just located above his offiice. What coincident! Our target today is C Restaurant, located at the top of St. Martin's Tower has truly become one of Perth's most iconic places to dine in luxury.
Currently, till November, the C restaurant is having a promotion for lunches Monday to Friday where the patron is able to select from one to three meals that they offer and 'Pay what they think it is worth'. Thus we are here today to dine at the top of Perth in a constant 360 degree revolution.
I had my first experienced years ago in 'M' Revolving Restaurant (Meritus Mandarin Singapore). In Perth, This is my first attempt. I have always imagined the classy and romantic settings in the restaurant. Two people sitting at a table, holding hands, face towards the high window, enjoy a panoramic view without leaving their seats with fragrant of wine lingering at the tip of the tongue. But... come back to reality, food is still my main concern.
We had a 3 course meal, the entree, main and ends with dessert. I and Yvonne have the same entree and main. And both of us were satisfied with it. (The entree is Grilled Exmouth prawns, garlic and herb butter, potato saffron pave with tomatoand fennel concasse and main is Crispy skinned saltwater Barramundi fillet, caponata vegetables, lemon basil aioli ). While Phil and Jeanne have the same entree, Brown sugar and lime cured salmon, avocado carpaccio with a blood orange and basil vinaigrette. Phil choose Pork sirloin as main and Jeanne took smoked lamb shoulder as her main. The dessert was fantastic in their outlook but taste too sweet for me.
Overall, I am happy with the food today but not the service. The bill then came out to be $180.00. Well, thanks God for this 'pay what you think it is worth' promotion. In the end, Phil had decided to pay $100 for it. The stunning and magnificant views of Perth really worth the amounts :)

My entree - Grilled Exmouth prawns, garlic and herb butter, potato saffron pave with tomatoand fennel concasse.

Phil's entree - Brown sugar and lime cured salmon, avocado carpaccio with a blood orange and basil vinaigrette

my main course - Crispy skinned saltwater Barramundi fillet, caponata vegetables, lemon basil aioli

Phil's main course - Pork sirloin, field mushroom and spinach duxelle with hand cut mustard chips

my dessert - Double chocolate tart, Chantilly cream and crème anglaise

Phil n Jeanne have the same dessert Vanilla bean crème brulée, blackberry compote and almond tuile

Yvonne is having Trio of ice cream filled profiteroles with chocolate sauce
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


除了越南牛肉汤粉,我也很钟情於越式牛腩粉。 牛腩非常肥腻,所以都不会焖完马上吃。 一般我都会提早一天准备好汤底, 放在冰箱里过夜。等肥油冻结后,用汤匙拿掉肥油。这样就省事多了。 这一道食谱最适合多多人一起吃,因为准备工作费时,所以如果只是一家四口的话,还是去餐馆解决好了。再不然就是分两种吃法;一天牛腩粉,隔天,另一半的牛腩拿来煮rendang, 而另一半的上汤可以冷冻,多几天又可以煮越南牛肉汤粉了(Pho Bo)。

  • 1千克牛骨,600克牛腩,1茶匙花椒,一粒大洋葱,一块姜(切片),300克白萝卜(切块),清水2公升

  1. 先将牛骨和牛腩在沸水中氽烫后,用冷水洗净,沥干水备用。
  2. 煮沸水,把所有材料放入锅内,大火煮至沸腾,再转小火焖煮40分钟。(我用气压锅煮1/2小时,即捞出牛腩)。
  3. 熬煮至牛腩稔后,捞起备用,继续用小火熬汤2小时左右。 (气压锅再煮1小时)

  • (A)牛腩切成大块, 牛肉丸300克,4瓣蒜头(拍扁),2条红萝卜(去皮切段)
  • (B)牛肉上汤,3汤匙茄汁, 1茶匙盐,2大匙糖,2大匙鱼露, 越南牛腩调味粉 1/2包
  • (C)1包越南河粉,200克豆芽,1粒柠檬(切成8片)。
  1. 用少许油起锅,爆香蒜头,加入牛腩,炒匀。
  2. 加入(B)汁料和匀,放入气压锅,上汽后压10分钟,关火,待压力消失。
  3. 吃前再加入牛肉丸煮沸即可。
  4. 河粉或蛋面烫软后上碗,加入辣椒、豆芽菜、柠檬汁,勺入适量的牛腩片,牛肉丸及沸汤即可食用。
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苏芝小麦饼(Suji Semolina Cookies)

忙着煮我的越南牛腩粉,没时间做面包了。于是到家对面的超市买面包。明明只是去买面包和牛奶的,结果又是大包小包的。难怪每次我说去买一样东西,我老公一定争着要为我效劳。 因为我一进去,就好像人间蒸发。害他坐在车里老半天。哈哈。。 女人嘛,就是这样的咯。回到家还早,于是就做了这久违了的杏仁苏芝饼。其实它也有个别名叫苏芝小麦饼Suji (sugee/semolina) cookies. 这semolina营养价值很高。一般用以制作印度食品如sugee halwa 和 ladoos。 意大利面条也常用它来制作。其实我也不太肯定汉语是否翻译成粗粒小麦粉。但是我所能了解的就大概是这样了。呵呵。。不好意思.

  • (A)80克牛油,45克苏芝(ghee), 30克黄糖,25克幼糖
  • (B)80克面粉,45克杏仁粉,75克粗粒小麦粉
  • (C)适量杏仁片


  1. 把(A)拌打至白奶油状。
  2. 加入(B)的面粉和杏仁粉, 搅匀。
  3. 最后加入粗粒小麦粉,拌成一软团。
  4. 把面团分成小份,搓成圆球,排放在烤盘上。
  5. 用叉稍微压扁,涂上蛋液,再以杏仁片装饰。
  6. 烤炉预热180度,烤12分钟即可。
  7. 放凉后收瓶。

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Monday, October 26, 2009




  • 200克 澄粉
  • 150克 薯粉
  • 1/2茶匙 盐
  • 2汤匙 油
  • 450ml 菠菜水(50克菠菜,切小段,加水煮滚,放入果汁机打成汁)


  • 2个沙葛 (切丝)
  • 2条 红萝卜(切丝)
  • 6朵香菇 (切丝)
  • 半小碗黑木耳丝 (用水浸软)
  • 半小碗四川榨菜 (用水洗净,浸半小时,切成丁)
  • 50克 虾米(剁碎)
  • 一大匙 蒜米碎
  • 3大匙炸葱头
  • 调味料:


  1. 锅内热油,爆香蒜米,加入虾米,香菇和黑木耳丝,榨菜炒匀。
  2. 加入豆酱,兜抄片刻。
  3. 最后,加入红萝卜和沙葛炒至略干;加入调味料炒匀。盛起待凉备用。
  4. 将澄粉,薯粉和盐放入盆中,混合备用。
  5. 将煮沸的菠菜汁冲入(4)的粉中。
  6. 快速搅拌成软团。
  7. 加入油,揉成带韧性面团。
  8. 用布盖好。(面团凉了会很难杆面)。
  9. 取一小部份面团,分割成小团。擀成圆薄片,包入馅料,折成饺子装。(随个人喜好,我做两种照形,圆形是没有香菇的,因为大宝不吃香菇)。
  10. 将菜粿排入涂上油的蒸盘上,大火蒸8分钟即可。
  11. 取出后,在粿上抹油,以防粿与粿之间相黏。撒上葱花及炸葱头点缀。

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终于把昨天的“故事讲完”。 要把这些作品放“上桌”真的很难。 不止一次觉得心有余而力不足。老实说,我还真的觉得做面包还要容易过输入汉字。没法啦,我以前是学注音符号的,没学过汉语拼音。再加上有了年纪,头脑比较迟屯。话说回来,今天的这个咖啡奶油面包很好吃哦。我个人非常喜欢,当然也非常推荐。只是小朋友就不太适合吃含有咖啡因的食品。这是美中不足的。 浓浓的咖啡味夹着牛油的香气,想不多吃一个都很难。谁叫我和妈妈一样,生活中不能少了咖啡呢。

  • 250克高粉
  • 15克奶粉
  • 4克干酵母
  • 20克糖
  • 30克淡奶油
  • 125克鲜奶
  • 10克牛油


  • 60克冷冻牛油; 分成6 小方块,每块10克 (选用好的牛油较香)


  • 40克牛油,40克糖粉,1/2 大匙Nescafe (以1/2 大匙水溶化)1/2粒蛋, 40克面粉,20克奶粉, 1/2 茶匙咖啡膏


  1. 所有材料,除牛油外,依序加入盆內,用低速搅拌成面团。
  2. 加入牛油,然後用高速搅打约10分钟。
  3. 打到面筋擴展,就是面团可以拉成薄膜狀即可。蓋好,放在溫暖处发酵1小時。
  4. 发酵完成后会膨胀双倍大,用手指按下去;凹处会浮起表示面团发的刚刚好。
  5. 再揉成光滑面团。(面团大约450克)。
  6. 将面团分割成6份,每份75克,滚圆,松弛15分钟。
  7. 松弛后,压扁包入一小块牛油, 收口捏紧。放在铺上油纸的烤盘上。
  8. 最后发酵1/2小时,挤上咖啡面糊,休息5分钟。
  9. 180度,烘烤12-14 分钟即可。
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Mango Pudding (芒果布丁)

Yesterday we have this mango pudding as our dessert. I first ate this pudding at Jeanne's house. Her sister, Jin Kar made this dessert for us and i found it is so delicious and not difficult to do it. So, i took the recipe from her and have a try on last Saturday. My guest love it so much. Will have another choice of dessert for my next party. For those of you who just love a creamy, soft and yummy mango pudding, you must give this recipe a go.
  • 3 boxes (85g each) Aeroplane mango flavour jelly crystal
  • 500ml Boiling water
  • 2 mangoes (blended to get mango puree)
  • 1 can evaporated milk (375ml)


  1. Mix boiling water to jelly powder.
  2. Stir until all completely dissolved.
  3. In another container combine mango puree and evaporated milk. Both add up should be 600ml. If not, add in some milk.
  4. Pour into small cups and leave in fridge to set.
  • 3盒芒果口味的jelly粉(我用Aeroplane牌子的)
  • 500ml 滚水
  • 2粒芒果(取肉,搅拌成泥状)
  • 375ml 淡奶水


  1. 把jelly粉倒入滚水内,搅拌至粉完全溶化。
  2. 把芒果泥和蛋奶水倒入另一容器内,拌匀。芒果泥和蛋奶水应该有600ml,如果少过600ml可以加入鲜奶。
  3. 把(1)和(2)拌匀,倒入小杯子内,冷冻即可。

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红薯沙谷娘惹糕 (Sweet Potato n Sago Talam)

昨天是一个意义非凡的日子。Gabriel领受耶稣圣体圣血的大日子。他终于都真正的领受耶稣到他的心里来。很可惜我家婆在凌晨3:30就到机场,准备飞回大马,没能参与这盛宴。 我也因此早起,顺便准备中午的餐聚。因为时间的关系,只能做些简单的。我只煮了mee siam, curry chicken, nyonya fried chicken, fried fish ball, talam sago ubi, egg tarts, mango pudding. 后来就快快赶去教堂。再回到家时已近11:15am. Winda 和 Rebecca 一家人到家里来用午餐。开开心心的相聚至傍晚。说真的是累到半死。结果当然是老公清洗,我洗澡后,还没七点就做猪去了。一睡到天亮。


红薯沙谷娘惹糕 (ubi sago kuih talam)
  • 200克沙谷,80克白椰丝,100克糖,150ml 椰浆
  • (A)300克红薯(蒸熟,压成泥),180ml 椰浆,
  • (B)70克糖,1/4 茶匙盐,60克粘米粉,40克绿豆粉(hoen kwee flour) ,300ml 水


  1. 底层:8寸方盘,铺上香蕉叶,涂上油,把所有材料混匀,倒入盘内,大火蒸20分钟。
  2. 上层:红薯泥加入椰浆拌匀至无颗粒状。 (我用搅拌机)
  3. 把所有(B)拌匀成粉浆再分数次加入(2)。
  4. 把红薯粉浆倒在蒸熟了的沙谷上。再用中火蒸20分钟至熟即可。
  5. 搁置疑旁至完全凉透,才可切块。

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Friday, October 23, 2009


昨天原本打算要做的,但是忙来忙去,一天就过去了。今天六点就准备好完成这任务。还好做的份量不多,所以很快就搞定了。后来就到学校去,因为今天女儿拿奖状,要去捧场。这烧包和之前做的大同小异;唯一不一样的是这次我用羊酥油做油心。皮很酥脆而且很香。但因为ghee较油,所以我减了油的份量。我家婆超喜欢,还叫我去卖烧包。唉。。。我不是懒惰,也不是不喜欢钱,只是我蛮享受现在的生活,不想自寻烦恼。钱够用就好了。现在也很好啊;虽然不是大洋房,大汽车,可是比上不足,比下有余。喜欢就买机票回家看妈妈,不喜欢也可以买机票叫妈妈来看我,哈哈。。 做生意就不同了嘛,要牺牲时间,失去自由,很可怜的。


  • 油皮:面粉200g, 菜油35g, 细砂糖1大匙, 水90ml
  • 油心:低筋面粉100g , 羊酥油60g


  • 叉烧肉180g (切丁),大葱1 粒(切丁),1/2碗青豆和红萝卜, 1块鸡精粉,盐,糖,麻油适量。


  1. 起油锅爆香大葱, 加入叉烧肉拌炒后,加入青豆拌匀。加入调味料。最后用粟粉水勾芡,取出待凉。最好冷藏3-4小时才使用。
  2. 油皮:将全部材料搓揉至光滑,休面30分钟。
  3. 油心:将面粉级白油拌匀。(不要拌太久,不然会很黏)。
  4. 把水皮和油皮分别分割成12份。
  5. 取一份水皮包入一份油皮。杆长,卷起,重复再做一次。 两端折进成圆球状。休面10分钟。
  6. 将粉团擀成圆形,包入馅料,做成包子形,扫上蛋液;放入烤箱,炉温200℃、烤约25-30分钟至金黄色,即完成。

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009



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今天的气候很好, 18-28度之间。可是为我却是很热。我喜欢冬天,最不喜欢夏天了。今年的春天也蛮热的。上星期尽然高至36度。白人都喜欢春天和夏天,因为可以日光浴,又可以穿“少少”。我很难想象两只手臂在太阳底下晒得红红的“惨状”。我老公常说,那是烘鸡翅膀。再说这里紫外线非常的强,所以皮肤癌非常的普遍。这里的亚洲人,几乎都怕晒。晒黑了就不好看嘛。我也是很怕晒的人。但是,做面包时,我倒是喜欢这样的天气。发得快,早收工。今天的面包是用Carol的食谱做的。椰香味加上奶油的香气,真的好好吃。

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

菠萝包 (melon pan)

菠萝包是我的最爱。即使是没有馅料我也很喜欢。一杯热咖啡加上软软的菠萝包,上面溶化些许牛油,简直是让我停不了口。尝试自己做这包包,用了日本的面包食谱。可是技不如人, 效果当然没有面包店的好吃,但也不是很差啦。
  • 250克高粉,10克奶粉,50克糖,3.5克干酵母,25克蛋液,130克水
  • 20克牛油


  • 66克牛油,100克细砂糖,62克鸡蛋,220克高粉


  1. 将牛油和砂糖搅打松发,成白奶油状。
  2. 再将鸡蛋分次加入。搅拌均匀。
  3. 加入过筛的面粉成一软团状即可。
  4. 包上保鲜膜,冷藏1小时。
  5. 当面包开始整形时,取出, 分12等份,搓圆备用。


  1. 所有材料,除牛油外,依序加入盆內,用低速搅拌成面团。
  2. 加入牛油,然後用高速搅打约10分钟。
  3. 打到面筋擴展,就是面团可以拉成薄膜狀即可。蓋好,放在溫暖处发酵1小時。
  4. 发酵完成后会膨胀双倍大,用手指按下去;凹处会浮起表示面团发的刚刚好。
  5. 重新搓揉面团排气。分割成12份,每份约42克。
  6. 把面团滚圆成形。
  7. 将每份菠蘿外皮桿成圓片,大小可以裹住面包即可。
  8. 用刀背在菠萝皮上压出交錯的菱形格纹。
  9. 放入烤盘中, 再次发酵成双倍大。
  10. 刷上蛋液,预热烤箱170度,烤20分钟或表面呈金黄色即可。

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巧克力粒满分(chocolate chips muffin)

这是昨天早上6点半就做的巧克力小松糕; 孩子的早餐。想到有时真的很可怜他们。早上吃包包,午餐盒又是三文治面包。看来很快就会变成包脸了。我家婆起身就见到热腾腾刚出炉的蛋糕,好高兴。但不是因为他喜欢吃,而是她认为我没有虐待她的儿子和孙。哈哈。。。

  • (A)2个蛋, 100克幼糖
  • (B)80克粟米油(我用canola oil), 100克鲜奶
  • (C)150克自发面粉, 20克无糖可可粉,1/4 小匙苏打粉, 1/4小匙 盐
  • (D)1/2 杯巧克力粒 (我用白和苦巧克力粒)
  1. 把(A)打匀。
  2. 加入(B),继续打至均匀。
  3. (C)过筛。 把(2)分次加入过筛的粉料。
  4. 拌至无颗粒粉状。
  5. 加入(D)拌匀即可。
  6. 预热烤箱180度。
  7. 把面糊倒入小杯子(7-8分满),送入烤箱,烤25-30分钟即可。
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