Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Ban Jian Kueh" Peanut Pancake

What a busy morning. My girl requested fried noodles for her lunch box.
That is why i wake up early to meet her request.
Then i made some peanut "ban jian kueh" (peanut pancake) for their breakfast.
Only managed to pan fried half then send them to school.
After coming back from church, I straight away continue making my "ban jian go" before preparing my pumpkin melon pan (polo bread) and dinner.
This ban jian kueh has been in my mind for so long.
Just wanna to have a go on this recipe adopted from kuali.
It turns out good.
I call my hubby immediately after i tested it.
I told him i can't wait to let him have a bite of the kueh.
He felt excited too as we really miss the kueh.
There are usually 2 version of it.
One with a crispy & thin skin while the other one is slightly thick and spongy.
For myself, I prefer the thick and spongy one but my girl will always ask for the crispy one when we go back to Malacca.
Try this out if you like this kueh as well.
I can say that it won't dissapointed you.
Ingredients for batter (adapted from
  • 200 grms of flour
  • 2 tsp of baking powder
  • 3/4 tsp of baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • 50 grms of sugar
  • 160 ml water
  • 160 ml milk
  • 1 egg
  • 40 grms melted butter
  • 1 1/8 tsp alkaline water (optional)

  • 1 cups of toasted peanuts - grind coarsely
  • 1/2 cup of fine sugar
  1. In a large bowl add in all ingredients for batter.
  2. Mix ingredients well into smooth batter. Set aside in the fridge for oevrnight.
  3. Heat up a non-stick pan (i used a 4" pan) and very lightly grease it with a bit of oil. Clean off any access oil with a paper towel.
  4. Pour 2tbsp full of batter into the pan and swirl the pan. ( you can put in more batter if you want a thicker pancake).
  5. Sprinkle some peanuts and sugar (you may add in some butter if you wish) then put a cover over it (I din't cover but just used a very low fire to panfried it till cokk).
  6. Cook until the centre of the pancake is cooked and the edges brown.
  7. Remove and fold into half.
  8. Serve hot.


  1. aiyoyo ! 里面那么多陷料哦
    真的beh tahan 很向吃了
    搞到弄出来很大片,失败 >_<

  2. sure want to try, this kuih has been my favourite n now yahooooo, as long as u say it is nice then i will no more hesitate. :)

  3. 我家也是用8寸的不沾锅。。。。我还是别试比较好。看了都觉得难搞。来你家打包比较容易。哈哈!

  4. 嗨!你好。。

  5. Jane



  6. My whole family like "apom balik", I tired a recipe b4 but not very ideal. I will try ur recipe.

  7. 看来我的减肥计划得延长期限咯! :)

  8. Jane,
    Ur peanut pancake looks so yummy! Im drooling over my keyboard!:)

    p/s the baking powder u used in all ur recipes..single or double acting type?

  9. 看了你的很想做呐,可是我家的也是8吋锅,唉............

  10. 你很厉害哟!这"Ban Jian Kueh"也给你做得很像外面卖的。可以分一块给我吃吗?

  11. very sui ler, ok, bookmark this, will try later.

  12. Looks perfect and delicious. I really miss this. Would love to make. Thanks for sharing. MaryMoh at

  13. 红豆妹妹,你喜欢我请你吃。

    Pynn, 我有想过做8寸的,senang ma,快点煎完可以收工。但是想还是小的可爱一点,所以就用了4寸的不沾锅。


    annann, 我也觉得打包比较senang点.有时真的懒得动,尤其在马来西亚一出门,什么都有得卖,更加懒得做了。

    Sally, 谢谢。我会尽快放上来给你鉴赏我的黑锅,哈哈。。

    0620, ya lo, my job is cook cook cook.... and their job is eat eat eat....

  14. Jane, 好久没吃了, 好想念, 也好想自己弄弄看。 你弄的很漂亮, 我跟你一样, 喜欢比较厚的, 比较有口感。

  15. Cook.Bake.Love, Then u must have a try :)

    icafe, 减什么肥啦?身材棒得很呢。吃了才打算。

    Susanna, Thanks. Looks like i am going to post up all my tools n ingredients,hehe.... Actually only butter cake n fatt kueh i will used dble action bp. Others just the normal one.

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝,8” 照做!哈哈。。。料尽量放多多。最好乘热吃。但是我觉得软也有软的好吃。所以一定要厚一点,不然冷了就韧韧的,不好吃。


  16. Sonia, go and buy senag lah. But make it urself more satisfaction right?

    Mary, Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope u like it.

    Min, 谢谢你。我想你一定可以做得比我更好的。

  17. 这个·我很喜欢吃

  18. Hi Jane,
    Thks for sharing this delicious recipe! I made these pancakes for my children's tea today. Traditional peanut filling for me and cheese for them. Here is a pic of my pancakes -

    Can u advise how many hrs u set aside in the fridge overnite? I had some leftover batter n tried to cook some a few mins ago but this time - tak jadi! I suppose the batter cannot keep for too long time.


  19. Susanna, ur ban jian kueh looks so nice. But i also dint know the reason why the leftover batter tak jadi lei. May be i tried next time and left some batter for experiment and email u.

  20. It's been awhile! I finally found your site again from Nasi Lemak lovers's. This reminded me of my neighbor when I was a little kid. She made and sold this for living. That's looooog time ago.
    One of these days I will have to make it for my kids. Thanks for recipe.

  21. hi Jane,

    I love your pancake!raelly look very good. Me and family love this malay kuih a lot, been looking for this recipe for a long time. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely rty this out! Cheers!

  22. FC88, Honey Boy, Thanks for visiting. Hope both u try out n love it.

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