Monday, May 31, 2010

My Babies in Kitchen

I used different sizes of pan to make my crepes, pancake and apam.
Some of my friends ask me to show them the pan i am using for all these pancakes.
Besides traditional apam, i din't actually have a proper crepe pan or pancake maker.
I just used my normal non-stick pan to make all these staff.
If you don't mind to have a look on my "baby" then just followed me :)

My non-stick pans are 4", 6", 8" and 10" in sizes. (oops...i think i missed out the 6" pan, but all under same brand)
I use all these sizes of pan to make crepes, pancake & the smallest one to do my ban jian kueh.

My nyonya apam mould/pan which already 10 yrs old

(use this for my apam balik, apam berkuah & dorayaki)

Indonisia Kueh Lumpur (mud cake) pan

This pan actually looks alike with the nyonya apam mould but it is much more deeper, smaller and lighter. My indonesian friend bought for me 2 yrs ago when she went back to Jakarta for holiday. I appreciated it very much as i love this mould a lot.


  1. 不好意思,还要麻烦你。。原来你是用这种不沾锅哦。。。谢谢你哦。。。

  2. I only have non-stick pan, but I need to buy one 4" soon.

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