Sunday, September 19, 2010

M'sia Hawker food Party

Church friends came over for my small M'sia hawker's food night.
A simple small get together party to celebrate Hari Raya, Merdeka and Malaysia Day.
Most important is to clear my fridge before flying back for 3 weeks holiday.
We all had a lovely and wonderful night.
Even though we need to get up early the next morning for church service but still we chat till late night.
I made some satay, ketupat, chai pao, radish cake, chwee kueh, durian tarts, ikan bakar & sotong bakar and nestum prawns.
Gertrude made us toufu hua (豆腐花)and Rebecca prepared fruits and drinks.
We really enjoy this Malaysian style of party.
Looking forward for the next one.


  1. I am impressed by looking at the list of items you have prepared.

  2. *drooling*
    How nice if only you are my neighbour! To prepare different types of food for a party is never easy!I'm sure they enjoyed your food & company!

  3. Jane, u prepared all these food by yourself? Wow very impressive!

  4. I would love to be at the gathering, you have all my favourite dishes on the table :)

  5. 哇!你太厉害了!不用在M'sia都可以吃到马来西亚美食....你的朋友也太幸福了!

  6. Jane妳也太强了!可以在一天之内做出这么多道美食!好厉害 好厉害啊!

  7. Angel, the best thing of mine is i have a pair of fast hand. hehe...
    Actually the satay i prepared one day earlier coz the actual day of party i will be only at home in the afternoon. So left not much time for me. The tarts is not in my list but since hav some time b4 dinner i decided to have a go on that.

    Jessie, come, move here :)

  8. Jess, i have been well train by my husband who loves organising gathering/party.

    tummy, u r a great cook. I always admire u. May be i should bcome ur neighbour one day :)

  9. 温馨妈妈, 是的,这星期天就在大马了。因为行程有点急所以可能不能和你们相聚了。你最近和Racheal见面了,对吧?好期盼能和你们见见面。

  10. 星, 我不本领。还好上天给我一双快手脚。其实,我一半也是被迫出来的啦,因为我有一个很会搞大食会的老公嘛。久而久之就被训练出来咯。我还做过600个人吃的饭盒哦。哈哈。。。现在不行了,老咯。

  11. Wow, what a great feast. Love your blog. Thnks fr sharing the recipes.

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