Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cream Puff Top With Craquelin

Today, I made these cream puffs with Sonia's recommended choux pastry and "Craquelin" that place on top of the choux, a thin layer of brown sugar crumbs. Cream puffs are not difficult to make, though not a quick thing. Furthermore you need a good custard cream or fresh cream either plain or flavored to go as filling. The filling needs to be made well in advance and cooled. The puff needs to be fresh from oven with a stable & crispy outlook but hollow and dry in the puffs. Sonia's recipe is so good that there is not a problem to have an outside of it was crispy yet tender and the cream would burst inside your mouth when you bit into them. They were just delicious to me. Thanks for your kindness and generosity to share this gorgeous recipe to us. I really fall in love with this cream puff even though is just a plain one without cream :)
Please refer to Choux with durian cream from Nasi Lemak Lover for recipe.
cutting out the craquelin square (as the weather is chilling, it is not hard to cut & handling)fill the puff with blackberry cream & blackberries

I still prefer a smaller size of cream puff that just pipe the cream in through the bottom. No mess when eating & storing.


  1. 一颗一颗在排队,很漂亮喔:)

  2. Looks perfect! Each and everyone piece! Love the use of blackberries. Tart vs sweet vs creamy. Great combination. Thanks for sharing Jane :)

  3. WOW Jane! you're real fast!
    How do you store the unfinished cream puff?

  4. Jane, ur cream puffs look perfect. I have also bookmarked sonia's recipe which she learnt from baking class but I don't time I will try anytime soon coz this is really time consuming. Wondering will the puff turns soft after a while ?

  5. Very cute, I like it in small sizes, 一口一个, now you see it, now you don't.....ha ha.

  6. Wow, you are fast! yes, agreed with you, mini size and pipe from bottom is easy to store..i did few times already but have no stock to store because all finished the same day, hahaha...

  7. wow, so kawaii nah~~~
    love it with the bite size..:)

  8. Jane 你的手脚真快,小小粒的看起来很可爱 ^_^

  9. Wah, you are so fast, Jane. I would like to try also although it sounds a bit complicated to me. I prefer small bite size also, easier to pop into the mouth, hehe.


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