Friday, October 26, 2012

Veneration of the visiting relic of St Francis Xavier

The claimed body of Francis Xavier is located in Goa in India. His right arm is now paying Australia a visit.
Within the Year of Grace, the Australia Catholic Church is blessed to have the 1st class relic of St Francis Xavier visit the Archdiocese of Perth on 25/10/2012 to 29/10/2012. 
St Francis Xavier, Patron Saint of Australia, founder of  the Jesuit order of priests and brothers,  his forearm is rarely taken from its home in the main Jesuit church in Rome, the Gesu, but will be touring Australia for 2½ months (16/9 to 3/12) as part of the Catholic celebration of the year of grace. The saint died in 1552, but his forearm was not removed from his body until 1614, chosen as an object of devotion because he used it to bless and baptise thousands of people in Asia.

I am fortunate and blessed enough to attend the welcome mass for the relic of St Francis Xavier yesterday. It was a very special evening for me to be able to view the relic closely and spend time praying in the presence of the Relic of St. Francis Xavier. It was also a good opportunity to hear and know more deeply the life and remarkable work of St. Francis Xavier. This experience have invited me to refresh my hope in Christ, my faith in Christ, and my love for Christ and his people. 
The Relic will be touring around Perth till next Monday 29 Oct. For more info click HERE

For more information regarding St Francis Xavier, you may click here and here

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